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1. Advocate for the Students
We must ensure our children are the #1 priority with every decision we make.  Shawna has asked the tough questions when it comes to day to day decisions that directly impact our students. 
2. Voice for Teachers
Our teachers are the first line of success to ensuring our children are educated. It is vital that we provide the tools and supports they need to educate our children. Those tools include textbooks, technology, professional development, and basic supplies.
3. Expand Partnerships
Tulsa Public Schools has many partnerships that are vital to the success of our children. We must work to continue and expand the successful programs, as well as identify new partnerships that will work well in our district.
4. Improve Communication
As your school board member, Shawna will be a voice for the students, parents, and educators in East Tulsa. To be that voice, input from the community will be vital to the improvement of our schools.


Our teachers are facing new challenges in the classroom each day. In many cases, classrooms are filled to capacity with 30 students, or more. If we want to keep the best, most effective teachers in Oklahoma classrooms, we must pay them a competitive salary. Far too often, we lose the best and brightest teachers to surrounding states due to higher salaries and smaller class sizes. 
We must prepare our students for jobs that don’t exist today. To do that, our students must have access to technology and time for hands-on projects. Every minute of the school day must be maximized for the best learning opportunities possible. 
As a classroom teacher, Shawna knows firsthand the challenges teachers are facing. Too often, students fall through the cracks and never graduate high school.  As a school board member, Shawna will fight to maximize every dollar and work to ensure that those limited dollars go to best educate our children. She understands that we must have the best schools if we want to attract business and reduce crime in our community. 

Paid for by Shawna Keller for School Board 2018
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