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Growing up in East Tulsa and graduating from East Central High School, Shawna developed strong roots to the community.  After high school, Shawna went the University of Tulsa where she met her husband, Jeremy.  Upon graduation, her with a Bachelors of Arts in History and him with a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems, they were married in 2004.  When it came time to start their lives together, Shawna could think of no better place to call home than the community where she grew up, and, in 2005, they started their lives together back in East Tulsa.

At a very early age, Shawna experienced one of life's hardest lessons, the tragic loss of a friend in a traffic accident at the hands of drunk driver. This loss inspired her to become involved with the MADD organization hoping to make a difference through education and awareness. Her time with MADD addressing students inspired her to make a difference in children's lives as a teacher and mentor. After graduating from the University of Tulsa, Shawna chose to work at an alternative school with students who need a more nontraditional approach to learning. Shawna has been able to make a difference in many children's lives at a time when a role model is needed most.

Shawna has had a life-long dream of making a difference for others and has been honored to serve the community she grew up in as a member of the Tulsa School Board. She will fight for education and the opportunities a good education can provide to our youth. As a 4th generation resident of East Tulsa, Shawna knows what is important and will fight hard for her community and the students of TPS.

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